How To Find the Right Atlanta Hair Restoration Doctor

October 19, 2020

A New Hairline Revitalized His Acting Career Chris first noticed he was losing his hair about five or six years ago. It quickly became an obsession. “I’m an actor, so […]

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How No-Shave FUE Can Help with Hair Loss

October 12, 2020

Hair Loss Ran in His Family Rob remembered the day he first noticed he was losing his hair very vividly. “I was a newlywed,” he says. “I was in my […]

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No-shave FUE Available for Atlanta Residents

September 18, 2020

“I Felt Like I Was Hiding Behind a Curtain.” Brian noticed his hair loss as early as college. “I was always a perfectionist about my hair,” he says. “Other people […]

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Shave-less FUE is For Female Clients, Too

September 10, 2020

Atlanta No-Shave Hair Restoration Success Story Miriam wasn’t surprised when she started to notice her hair was thinning. “It’s a genetic thing. My mother had it too,” she says. “I knew […]

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What is Shave-less FUE?

August 16, 2020

This article was updated August 2020. A Hair Restoration Doctor Explains FUE stands for Follicular Unit Excision. If you’ve been researching hair restoration techniques, chances are it’s come up: a method […]

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Shave-Less FUE FAQ

July 15, 2020

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Shave-Less FUE (No-Shave FUE) As one of the industry’s foremost experts on Shave-Less FUE, Dr. Daniel A. Danyo gets a lot of questions about […]

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What are the Hair Transplant Options for Women?

July 1, 2020

Hair loss is typically associated with male pattern baldness, but it’s also quite common in women. According to some studies, approximately half of all women will experience some level of hair […]

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What to Expect After an FUE Hair Transplant

June 15, 2020

The Results to Expect After an FUE Hair Transplant Waiting for your hair to grow back can be both exciting and frustrating—and we get a lot of questions from patients […]

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Alpharetta Client Spotlight: “I Always Wanted A Full Head of Hair!”

March 23, 2020

Russell of Alpharetta Shares His Hair Transplant Story “I Had Hair Restoration Done Three Times. The Third Time Was Easiest of All.” For most of his adult life, Russell had […]

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Out Of Town Client Spotlight: How New Hair Changed Robert’s Life

March 23, 2020

Shave-less FUE was the Perfect Solution for This Real Estate Agent Robert was always a confident person. He got into real estate early in his career, and that confidence served […]

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Three Things You Must Do After Your Hair Restoration Procedure

August 3, 2018

You’ve been dreaming of this day for as long as you can remember. You did it! You took the step, you had the procedure, and now you’re sporting the hair […]

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How to Choose a Hair Restoration Surgeon

July 26, 2018

You’ve made the decision to do something about your receding hairline, and you’re ready to take the next step. But how do you choose which hair restoration surgeon to see? […]

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