Who’s Behind Your Hair Transplant?

Losing your hair is hard, but trying to figure out what to do about it — and who to trust — can sometimes feel even harder.

Navigating the vast landscape of hair loss treatment clinics and the many hair restoration providers across the world can be overwhelming, causing a lot of indecision and stress.

You probably already understand the importance of finding the right hair restoration practice to perform your hair transplant procedure.

But how do you know what to look for in a practice, and how do you vet potential providers?

What to Look for in a Hair Restoration Surgery Practice

 Hair transplant surgery is a safe and minimally invasive outpatient procedure, but it is still an actual surgery that demands high levels of medical training and skill.

The first thing you should know when you’re doing research is that many hair transplant clinics rely heavily on surgical techs and not actual doctors to plan, oversee, and perform along their medical team hair transplant surgeries.

It’s a bit surprising to learn, but even more surprising is that a lot of these practices aren’t very upfront about how they do things.

This is why you need to ask a lot of questions and do as much research as possible on any practice you’re considering.

why you need to ask a lot of questions

Ideally, the hair restoration practice you choose should meet some crucial benchmarks to ensure you’re getting the quality, safety, care, trust and transformative results you expect.

When searching for a hair transplant clinic, here are a few important things to look for:

  • Physician led practice; preferably by a trained surgeon
  • High levels of surgical training and skill
  • Long tenure of experience in the field
  • Experience with clients who share your hair type, ethnicity, gender and aesthetic preferences
  • Familiarity with the best and most current hair transplantation techniques
  • Experience and expertise using the best available hair transplant surgery technology and tools
  • Highly skilled surgical support team
  • Caring and coordinated administrative team

Importantly, any clinic you’re considering should be happy to answer all your questions up front.

Chief among the questions they ought to be able to answer well is this one: Who will be performing my hair transplant surgery, and what is the process like?

At North Atlanta Hair Restoration, we love it when prospective patients ask us these questions because we know our answers are ones that will inspire their trust.

The Importance of Trust and Communication in Hair Restoration Care

We take patient trust, open communication, and transparency very seriously here, which is why we make sure our administrative staff and surgical support teams are highly responsive and accessible — both for current patients and those seeking to learn more about their hair loss treatment options.

a hair restoration informational podcast

Our founder, Daniel A. Danyo, MD, MBA, even has a hair restoration informational podcast for those looking to learn more about hair transplant surgery, non-surgical hair loss treatment options, and more.

When you reach out to our practice for a consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to the doctor himself for a personalized assessment and have all your questions answered by him and members of his team.

At any stage of your hair restoration journey, you can reach us by phone, through the HIPAA-compliant Klara app, by text and by email — and you can always choose the methods that work best for you.

This sort of personalized care and openness is just one reason so many patients have entrusted us with their care and we have earned many five star Google reviews.

In the spirit of that openness and transparency, let’s answer the most important question any patient should have about our practice:

Who’s Behind Your Hair Transplant at North Atlanta Hair Restoration?

When you choose North Atlanta Hair Restoration for your hair restoration surgery, your procedure will be performed by Dr. Danyo, assisted by his highly trained surgical assistants and his veteran medical support team.

A Surgeon Led Medical Team

The whole team has been working together for years, and together they have honed their skills and technique to become highly efficient and skilled at what they do.

They also focus heavily on ongoing training, so they can continue to improve and incorporate the latest and best in the field.

Highly Experienced Hair Restoration Surgeon Dr. Danyo

Dr. Daniel. A. Danyo is a medical doctor who trained and practiced as a surgeon, and he will be integrally involved in your full care. He is well known for advancing the Shave-Less FUE procedure to what it is today.

From the consultation all the way to the procedure and post-op, you’ll have the benefit of his over 30 years of medical training and practice, knowledge, experience, and expertise.

over 30 years of medical training and practice

Before getting into hair restoration surgery, Dr. Danyo practiced for a year in general surgery where he assisted in over a couple hundred cases as first assist.

His surgical experience helped him become very skilled specifically in needlework, which is essentially the skill that follicular unit extraction, also known as the hair restoration procedure FUE, relies on for success.

He completed a residency in physical medicine rehabilitation and also had a fellowship in interventional pain management.

That pain management training informed how he manages pain during hair restoration — he has carefully honed his technique to make things easy and virtually painless for the patient, both during and after the procedure.

He is especially adept at performing injections for pain, which is a great relief for so many of his patients.

Dr. Danyo has been performing hair restoration surgeries for more than a decade, specializing in both traditional FUE and Shave-less FUE.

As one of less than 250 doctors who hold the title of Diplomate from the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery — the only recognized certification for hair restoration surgeons — he is a leading expert at the forefront of his field.

The Medical Team Assisting Dr. Danyo

Dr. Danyo is ably assisted in his surgeries by two highly trained, skilled, very intelligent and capable physicians’ assistants.

One comes from a background in emergency medicine and the other comes from practice assisting in cardiac surgery.

As trained medical providers and not technicians, their training and experience means they actually have the skill to complete any of these hair transplant procedures on their own, but all hair transplant surgeries at North Atlanta Hair Restoration are done with Dr. Danyo at the helm.

The other members of his medical team consists of extremely skilled surgical technicians who assist with patient comfort, manually pull all the cored grafts, and place those individual follicular units using pen implanters.

Their well-honed technique helps make every hair transplant as quick, efficient, and seamless as possible.

make every hair transplant as quick, efficient, and seamless

Despite their skill and experience, however, the surgical techs never do any of the coring or implanting on their own.

This division of surgical labor is just one of many things that sets North Atlanta Hair Restoration apart from other hair clinics, many of whom use only surgical techs and robots to perform their hair restoration procedures.

Working Together for Transformative Results

Patients at our practice are always impressed with how well the team works together to complete these complex procedures — surgeries that really require a team of experts to succeed.

Working together with Dr. Danyo in the lead, they can simultaneously extract and place  — or double extract and place — the hair grafts, making the procedure faster and more accurate and preventing fatigue for the patient and the staff.

The physician led team regularly takes on grafts of a size other clinics won’t attempt, achieving high follicle viability rates and natural-looking results unmatched by others in the field.

Above all, patients can expect Dr. Danyo and his team to provide a high level of comfort and trust at every step in their hair restoration journey.

a high level of comfort and trust

Want to Find Out What We Can Do For You?

Let our team help guide you through the hair restoration process. You can call us now at 678-679-0028 or book online to schedule a virtual or in-person consultation.

Dr. Danyo will assess your case personally, answer your questions, provide expert recommendations, and help you take the next steps to reversing your hair loss.

Dr Daniel A Danyo

Dr. Daniel A. Danyo

As a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Danyo intimately understands his patients’ desire to achieve natural-looking results. He combines extensive training, experience and artistry with surgical precision to provide innovative solutions to hair restoration.

Daniel A. Danyo, MD is one of less than 250 doctors in the world certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the only recognized certification for hair restoration surgery. He founded North Atlanta Hair Restoration in 2012 to provide advanced restoration techniques in a medically safe environment. As a triathlete who has completed two full Ironman triathlons, Dr. Danyo brings a high level of stamina, focus and perseverance to each procedure. He frequently takes on 2,500 grafts or more, a size most other clinics don’t attempt.

Dr. Danyo recently completed a Physician Executive MBA at Auburn University. The extension of the MBA to his resume greatly enhances the patient experience through improved efficiency and effectiveness techniques learned during his program at Auburn. It represents Dr. Danyo's pursuit of perfection and his desire to place his patients first.

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