New Space, New Services at North Atlanta Hair Restoration

In this episode, Dr. Daniel Danyo of North Atlanta Hair Restoration talks about his beautiful new facility and the world-class services he is able to provide for patients there.

Inside the New Digs at 55 Roswell: A Boutique, Modern Feel in Downtown Alpharetta

Expansive windows and a vaulted ceiling, with natural light flowing in—the new North Atlanta Hair Restoration office at 55 Roswell Rd in Alpharetta is a simple, elegant space with clean and modern touches everywhere.

Dr. Danyo worked with an architect to design the new space to his specifications from start to finish.

The office now feels spacious yet comfortable and inviting, so patients can feel at ease in the spa-like atmosphere.

“I think it’s just the overall experience is so greatly enhanced with this new office,” he said,

Three fully finished procedure rooms, a nice waiting area for family with sofas and a big TV—the larger space allows for more patients and more procedures, and the better layout allows greater comfort for everyone, including the medical staff and patient families.

A New Covered Parking Garage and Entrance

“Another huge advantage is that we now have underground parking that’s secure,” notes Dr. Danyo.

You can now park your car in the cool, covered parking area, then take the elevator up one floor and walk directly through the front doors of the office.

There’s also a back entrance that allows for greater privacy if patients don’t want to walk out through the waiting room. Dr. Danyo knows the importance of privacy to patients.

“This is such a private procedure, it’s always nice when you can keep it totally private by walking out the back door,” he says.

The Wash Station

Like at a salon, there’s a small recliner and wash sink where they can get the hair really clean and dry after a Shave-less procedure, so patients can walk out looking and feeling great.

Dr. Danyo notes that while it isn’t something you might think of as essential, “It just makes the experience that much better.”

Better for Out of Towners, Too

People come from all over to seek Dr. Danyo’s services, and the new location in beautiful downtown Alpharetta means those travelling far have access to all the city has to offer.

There are restaurants, bars, nightlife and hotels, plus walking trails and great sightseeing.

“You can make a trip out of it and have fun; you can even bring your family or your spouse.”

He’s already gotten lots of positive feedback from out-of-town patients who loved their stay.

What He Hopes This New Space Will Bring to the Practice

“Just being in a space that’s really positive energizes me, just feeling the energy that patients gain from the experience—I love it.”

“I really built this office to honor my patients and get my patients excited about the process, because it’s stressful for a lot of folks and if you can bring a positive space with positive energy, it goes a long way.”

The builder Dr. Danyo worked with was local firm Chandlee and Sons. Although there were some supply chain issues, they did great work and realized his vision.

The Inspiration for the Move

Dr. Danyo knew he wanted the new office to be in downtown Alpharetta: “I’ve been so drawn to this downtown because there’s just so much growth, there’s always a new restaurant opening and new things to do.”

Interested in seeing the gorgeous new space? Book your hair restoration consultation with Dr. Danyo online or by calling (678) 845-7521.

Dr Daniel A Danyo

Dr. Daniel A. Danyo

As a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Danyo intimately understands his patients’ desire to achieve natural-looking results. He combines extensive training, experience and artistry with surgical precision to provide innovative solutions to hair restoration.

Daniel A. Danyo, MD is one of less than 250 doctors in the world certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the only recognized certification for hair restoration surgery. He founded North Atlanta Hair Restoration in 2012 to provide advanced restoration techniques in a medically safe environment. As a triathlete who has completed two full Ironman triathlons, Dr. Danyo brings a high level of stamina, focus and perseverance to each procedure. He frequently takes on 2,500 grafts or more, a size most other clinics don’t attempt.

Dr. Danyo recently completed a Physician Executive MBA at Auburn University. The extension of the MBA to his resume greatly enhances the patient experience through improved efficiency and effectiveness techniques learned during his program at Auburn. It represents Dr. Danyo's pursuit of perfection and his desire to place his patients first.

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