Improving the Hair Loss Patient Experience

In this episode, Dr. Danyo discusses his new space in downtown Alpharetta and how his practice strives to create a create a restorative, spa-like experience for clients.

The New Location, Right Next to the Hamilton Hotel

One of the advantages of the new location is its proximity to the wonderful boutique hotel The Hamilton.

Making sure out of town clients are able to enjoy their trip and relax before and after their procedure is a priority for Dr. Danyo.

“The Hamilton is a Hilton boutique hotel, very modern. There’s a great outdoor patio, they have events there all the time, there’s a great bar where they have live music multiple times a week, there’s also a nightclub in the basement—and it’s a speakeasy.”

Dr. Danyo partnered with them to get a discount for his travelling patients: “For the out of town patients, I really do recommend the Hamilton Hotel—we have a really good rate there!”

The Experience

The new office is cozy but clean, stylish and modern. It is almost all white, and the windows are massive—they let in beautiful indirect light that adds to the calming, spa-like ambience.

Why go to so much trouble making the office light-filled and aesthetically pleasing?

Dr. Danyo explains, “The experience is key. I’ve had a lot of patients, especially from out of town, and they’re really scared about the procedure, about the whole experience—how they’re going to look, how much swelling and pain. And there’s kind of a dread there that I think this office erases.”

The doctor seeks to diminish that worry by focusing on details and discretion. “My job is to make this as stealth as possible, an awesome experience, one that’s totally private.”

The Process

Patients can start by filling out a HIPAA-compliant form online with general information like whether they’ve ever had a hair transplant, what their goals are, what hair growth medications they may be on. They can also submit photos for Dr. Danyo to assess.

The Consult

Then, patients get to choose between an in-office consult or a virtual visit. The doctor generally does these consults after work hours to better accommodate busy patients.

Dr. Danyo does all the consultations himself—there are no sales people or pitches—because he knows how important it is to establish the patient-doctor connection early on.

Patients then get an overview of what will be needed and are provided with a price quote quickly, so they know exactly what to expect.

There’s also a text app called Klara that patients can use to ask questions and talk to the doctor and staff later.

The Procedure and Followup

 Once Dr. Danyo has determined the best course of treatment, the procedure gets scheduled.

Dr. Danyo does all the nerve blocks, anesthesia, extractions, and graft placements himself. It’s a rare level of skill, care and attention, and it adds to the patient’s comfort level and confidence in their decision.

That, combined with the attentiveness of the support staff, helps make the experience as smooth as possible.

Follow up can be done using a virtual consult and the Klara app, so patients don’t have to make the trip back if it’s inconvenient.

Get Educated About Hair Restoration with Dr. Danyo’s Podcasts

Dr. Danyo started his podcast series with the goal of educating people about these cutting-edge hair restoration techniques and what to expect during the process.

The doctor says his patients find his podcasts very helpful, educating them on all their options and demystifying each procedure.

He recommends, for instance, that anyone interested in a Shave-less (or No-shave) FUE check out some of his many podcasts on the topic.

There’s also a great podcast episode on the process for African-American hair—a challenging procedure that not too many doctors perform, but that Dr. Danyo specializes in.

The key to making people comfortable and happier with the whole process is helping them really understand the details—Dr. Danyo says it just builds a more positive experience.

He has many satisfied clients who can attest just how positive their experience at North Atlanta Hair Restoration was.

Interested in learning more about your hair restoration options? Book a consultation with Dr. Danyo online or by calling (678) 845-7521.

Dr Daniel A Danyo

Dr. Daniel A. Danyo

As a hair transplant patient himself, Dr. Danyo intimately understands his patients’ desire to achieve natural-looking results. He combines extensive training, experience and artistry with surgical precision to provide innovative solutions to hair restoration.

Daniel A. Danyo, MD is one of less than 250 doctors in the world certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the only recognized certification for hair restoration surgery. He founded North Atlanta Hair Restoration in 2012 to provide advanced restoration techniques in a medically safe environment. As a triathlete who has completed two full Ironman triathlons, Dr. Danyo brings a high level of stamina, focus and perseverance to each procedure. He frequently takes on 2,500 grafts or more, a size most other clinics don’t attempt.

Dr. Danyo recently completed a Physician Executive MBA at Auburn University. The extension of the MBA to his resume greatly enhances the patient experience through improved efficiency and effectiveness techniques learned during his program at Auburn. It represents Dr. Danyo's pursuit of perfection and his desire to place his patients first.

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