Beard Hair Harvesting for Scalp Hair Transplantation

Chin and neck hair restoration

Taking Your Beard Hair and Transplanting To Your Head

by Daniel A. Danyo, MD

Great results for hair transplantation require maximal density and hair volume. But what about those suffering from severe hair loss or those with a very sparse supply of scalp donor hair on the back of their head?  Do they just have to live with it? I don’t think so!

With recent breakthroughs in beard and body hair transplantation, we are able to do what was once impossible – restoring the entire scalp with permanent hair from the frontal hairline through the mid-scalp and into the crown.

Why Beard Hair?

Beard hair is an excellent choice for hair transplantation. The thickness of each beard hair is typically twice that of scalp donor hair, which means more than twice the amount of volume placed.  It is easy to harvest from the face, leaving little visible scaring and very quick healing.  The donor area is also preserved to allow for a greater number of possible hair transplant grafts in the future.  In addition, the growth cycle of beard hair mimics that of the scalp.

What to Expect When You Have a Beard to Head Transplant

Typically, 3000 beard hair grafts can be taken from the face and neck region before significant thinning out of the beard occurs. Many people never wish to grow a beard, so the actual graft count could be even higher.

When I bring up beard harvesting with my patients, I usually get a strange look.  I know exactly what they are thinking – “are you kidding me?” When I explain the process that there is little facial scarring, minimal pain/downtime, low impact on the density of the beard and the fact that the donor area is being spared for more options in the future, I usually get a different response – “sign me up!”

How Does a Beard To Head Hair Transplant Work?

We often combine the extraction of beard and scalp hair for hair transplantation on the same day.  By using this approach, the thick beard hairs build up volume, while the scalp donor hairs maintain a natural look.  Most patients who have a combined approach feel that the actual procedure of extracting beard hair was easier during and after the procedure compared to the extraction of hair from the scalp donor region.  Beard hair also works well on difficult areas including the crown and there is usually a quicker return to normal growth after a transplantation.

Beard grafting for hair transplantation is great news for men suffering from hair loss and should be considered for all, from mild to severe. I now offer beard hair extraction to all of my male patients to maximize results and expand the possibilities.

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