Hair Restoration Podcast With Dr. Daniel A. Danyo

Episode 13:
How Physical Training Makes You a Better Doctor

Podcast - How Physical Training Makes You a Better Doctor

In this episode, Dr. Danyo discusses some of the lessons he’s learned while training for different physical challenges like Iron Man races. He explains how learning to focus on technique and proceed at a steady pace have helped him become a better doctor.

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Episode 12:
What is a Hair Transplant?


In this episode, Dr. Danyo discusses the incredible science behind hair transplantation, starting with the genetic expressions of every hair follicle on the human body, followed by detailed techniques he employs as part of the hair restoration procedure. Dr. Danyo also shares why his initial consultation, which he does himself with every new patient, is so important to the success of the overall process.

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Episode 11:
What is No-shave FUE?


In this episode, Dr. Danyo discusses the incredible procedure known as No-shave FUE, a cutting edge process in hair transplant therapy and one the most discreet hair restoration techniques available. Most of Dr. Danyo’s patients resume normal life within a few days of the procedure and without the need for shaving their heads, no one is the wiser.

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Episode 10:
The Use of Beard and Body Hair


“I’ve had people that have had multiple hair transplants. They come to me, they want more taken from the back and a lot of times they need, say 2000 more grafts to complete the hair restoration. And oftentimes I can only get 1,000 grafts safely. And that’s when we have the discussion that we could use beard or body hair from the chest or abdomen to basically have the extra paint for painting in the room.

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Episode 9:
The Benefits of Direct Hair Implantation


In this episode, Dr. Danyo discusses Direct Hair Implantation, the process of placing grafts using a specialized pen-shaped tool which allows Dr. Danyo to deliver incredible results for his patients. We’ll also cover the advantages of doing DHI, and how Dr. Danyo and his team at the North Atlanta Hair Restoration have perfected the technique.

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